Depending on your needs, the session’s focus can be on relaxation and stress reduction, or specific injuries and concerns, or both.  

Some of the health benefits of relaxation massage are:

• Stress and anxiety reduction/calming of the nervous system
• A decrease in the tension of superficial muscles
• An increased sense of well-being and of being nurtured
• An increase of endorphin levels, the body's natural painkiller and mood elevator
• Increased blood and lymph flow, which promotes the health of the muscles and the body overall (more oxygen and nutrients get into the cells and more metabolic wastes/toxins are carried out)
• Enhanced immune function
• Edema reduction
• A decrease in joint stiffness
• Improved quality of sleep

Note:  Elders in particular benefit from the effects of gentle massage. Deeper, more vigorous massage is generally contraindicated.

Treatment massage adds onto the above benefits with:

• Tension relief in deeper muscles - spasm and pain reduction on a deeper level, with often a longer-lasting effect
• Focus on specific soft tissue injury
• Scar tissue reduction and management, to reduce pain and increase range of motion in the muscle